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Flathead Conservation

Welcome to the Flathead! The Bruce Young Team does not think increased population must mean the end of all the qualities that has brought all of us to this extraordinary area.

You can swim and fish in our clean lakes, and catch your fish dinner - because of the work of dedicated people like Bruce Young. While the Bruce Young Team has more than 30 years of experience in Flathead Lake and waterfront property, Bruce is a long-time member of the Flathead Lake Protection Association, and has worked with such organizations as the

Nature Conservancy, the Montana Land Alliance, and the

Flathead Land Trust.

You can find your dream piece of Montana and enjoy your Montana lifestyle while preserving all the qualities that brought you here: clean water, clear air, open space, and a mellow pace of life.

Here's how: Let the Bruce Young Team help you!

If your dream turns to the low maintenance of a condominium, or acreage for your horse, or a cabin in the woods, or the mansion on a mountain, the Bruce Young Team can help you achieve your dream. If you're concerned with abating the impact on your natural surroundings, the Bruce Young Team can show you how to do that, too.

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